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Abbot - Total Comfort

I had the great opportunity to work on the new Total Comfort TVC for Singapore. The brief was to come up with a creative idea that positioned Total Comfort as a holistic milk formula, as opposed to a problem-solving formula for fuzzy babies. We came up with a TVC concept that revolved around the journey of the milk formula into a baby's Total Comfort World - a world full of soft colours, plush environments, and vibrant characters that informed the viewers of the milk's benefits. A world where the baby's interaction delighted the viewer with This has been a pure collaborative effort between the client's vision, agency and various partners. This has been the first ever, fully animated film in the category, and a first for this brand in Asia Pacific. Agency: TSLA Production Partners: Nexus Client : Abbott

Abbott’s Total Comfort is one of the leading milk formulas for babies with sensitive tummies.
However, a lot of the messaging has reinforced this idea that it is only a ‘problem-solution’ formula, instead of a holistic, nutritional offering for infants.

Our idea:
A through the line campaign that promotes Total Comfort as a “ Total Comfort world”.
In this world, we are transported to the journey of the milk to the baby’s tummy - as the child marvels into a world of plush environments and vibrant characters to promote the milk’s benefits.  Our ad also communicates to moms that Abbott is a brand that understands them completely - a happy tummy is a happy baby. This has been the first ever, fully animated film in the category within Asia Pacific. We’ve also reinforced our communications with advertorials ( from the point of view of the parents and their children) and in-store considerations within their shopper journey.

Agency: TSLA Production Partners: Nexus Client : Abbott