This is my blog - Some  thoughts and observations about yoga, life, within and outside work.  All of the views expressed are my own.


"Satya" conventionally means "truth" - translated from Sanskrit. 

The translation doesn't quite capture the enormity of the thought. 
Truth can be so many expressions of authenticity. 

  • Living your truth is being real about the opinions, feelings, and intentions in a way that provides value to the people around you. This is what we're here for. And finding a unique way to do this, is what makes your approach different from anyone else's. 
  • Living your truth is aligning with purpose : Aligning with the hidden forces behind motivation. 
    Our actions are always driven with purpose, and the more intentional we are with our choices, the better we can direct life in a way that serves us. 
  • Living truth is about being confounded with the fact that you will be a unique voice. 
    Sometimes this voice will not resonate with everyone, and that is OKAY. 
    Life is not a popularity contest.
  • Living your truth is finding the uniqueness inside you, and trying to connect with other people who recognise that.