This is my blog - Some  thoughts and observations about yoga, life, within and outside work.  All of the views expressed are my own.

Pain vs. Discomfort

There seems to be a glorification of pain lately.

The pain of staying in relationships that don’t serve people.
The pain of keeping up with appearances.
The pain of holding on to stories that we tell ourselves.

Pain is horrible.
Discomfort isn’t.

Discomfort is venturing out into new territories.
Discomfort is unsettling.
Discomfort is a state of entropy.
Discomfort is a series of progressive realizations, micro-states building up to a state of change.

The future is all about discomfort.
Innovation is all about discomfort.
Life is all about discomfort.

In yoga, sharp pains in the body has always been a tell tale sign that you’re pushing too hard, or not hitting the right spot.  Discomfort, however - is encouraged. Pranayam ( breathing practices ) and Asanas confront vulnerabilities of the body and exposes direct imbalances everywhere - in the spine, the hips, the shoulders.

Individuals will be able to discern whether they’re experiencing a discomfort :
- Is it a mild disagreement with what you’re used to?
- Does it pave the way for progress?
- Does it open you up for more challenge?

This is applicable to yoga, as in life. The mind and the body are inextricably linked. If we take a moment to understand the significance of what happens in the mat, we can also therefore slowly introduce the same philosophy in daily life.

It is an unfurling, from moment to moment, to where you want to be.