This is my blog - Some  thoughts and observations about yoga, life, within and outside work.  All of the views expressed are my own.

Peak Creativity

A lot of people talk about a peak experience in their life: A fascinating, visceral experience where you're so in touch with your own humanity and fulfilling your purpose. Most of these peak moments happen when people are in the brink of an escalation or risk. 

I personally haven't found a lot of "peak moments" - but I do know that there's such a thing as "peak creativity". The feeling of being so engulfed in the zone, when you're within a process of creation, and simultaneously outside of it as well. 

Learning how to cultivate peak creativity is key. I believe that this cultivation is exactly what it is - investing the time, effort, and strategies, so much so that you create work that inherits meaning you've given it. 

Creating the conditions for peak
I'm a big fan of single focus activity. This focus for me, is the only way to get effective work out. There's over 60,000 - 90,000 human thoughts in a day, and the more we master our minds to creating the discipline to focus, the more effective the work will be. 

I'm a big fan of obsessing over problems. Thinking about that problem for days, in focus, letting it marinate in the back of my head, even when I'm doing mundane tasks. Sometimes, the solutions come to me in the most unlikely places - but this happens as no common coincidence. This is a result of the focus I've created prior. 

Focus is the enemy of a generation wired with so much technology that focus now requires discipline.
It is the ONLY way.

Learning to fail faster
You need to be in an environment that encourages vulnerability. And failure. 

But not for failure's sake, but failing faster, iterating faster, creating hypotheses on how to solve problems in a non-linear framework.
The fear of failure is just another apathetic excuse. 

If you care about the work, you will be willing to fail for the sake of the work.
The singlehanded vision required to succeed requires an environment that enables play and experimentation.

Learning when enough is enough
Usually, creatives aren't given the luxury of time - But that might actually be a good thing. The endless attachment, the refinement, the editing, the filtration, at some point, will have to be enough - and the intuition to find where you've reached the point of "enough is enough" has to be prevalent. The team has to be in consensus of what are the things you're doing , and what are you doing well - and how do you provision for acceptable margins between what you can control, and what you cannot.

Trust. Feel the fear, but do it anyway.  It is a wonderful, rewarding process.