This is my blog - Some  thoughts and observations about yoga, life, within and outside work.  All of the views expressed are my own.

Where do you start yoga?

With the proliferation of different yoga styles today, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama of modern marketing and pricing schemes. There’s over a billion asanas, pranayama,  anatomy cues, historical references, “trademarked” sequences - all mixed with kombucha drinking, kumbaya-singing long haired hippies who promise you bliss on the yoga mat. This is an exaggeration, but there is so much more than what we can scratch off the surface, and the more convoluted the yoga world gets, the more it demands considerate discourse and proper engagement.

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Codex Vitae - The book of life.

I stumbled upon a really interesting entry for the new year ! It is a  Codex Vitae written by Buster Benson. This was heavily inspired by the book, Mr. Penubra’s 24 Hour Bookstore. The idea is to write a book on beliefs about life, to codify these beliefs, and hopefully, audit, refresh, and keep on coming back to them - in the hope that the life that we lead will follow through with our core belief systems. It is a wonderful idea, worth giving a shot. 
This is my first Codex ( Hopefully with more to come in the future! ) and I’m so excited to share it with you.


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Secret samadhi

Secret Samadhi is the third album by 90’s alternative rock band, Live. 

Samadhi also traditionally means ‘enlightenment’ from a Vedic perspective - but I’ve come to realise that it is more than that. It’s realisation of truth. It is about being taken out of the darkness of ignorance to find the way of the light. Secret Samadhi implies that this realisation comes to people, naturally and quietly, without any instance or forewarning. 
It is also related to the sanskrit word ‘visvas’ - which means, a complete surrender, trust and to be free from fear. This reassures us that inside everyone, there is a chance to reach our own Samadhi, without fear, with the light, with complete reassurance in speaking our truth.

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