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Is your photographs worthy of a DSLR?

DSLRs were losing relevance in a time when everything is so instantaneous. The camera simply cannot compete with an Instagram generation, gratified more by immediacy and less by the quality and depth of a photograph.

We had a simple hypothesis: Do DSLR photographs really get appreciated by a more discerning audience?

For the campaign "Nikon Worthy" - We wanted to demonstrate the value of taking photographs with a DSLR. To honour and celebrate the spirit of photography - we proposed an online portal to visualise how far your photographs have "touched" other people. By embedding special tracking IDs to each photograph, we wanted to measure if DSLR photographs really impact and move more people than any other camera. 

This piece of work is Private & Confidential. No part of this work may be reproduced or shared anywhere. Thank you for your kind consideration.