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Reimagining Insurance

Reimagining Insurance


MyInsurance is an all-in-one insurance solution that allows you to alter / strip away / change terms - all according to your actual life needs, without ever needing an insurance agent. For the first time ever, we’ve designed a modular insurance plan that adapts to your needs as they change.

Initial Exploration
We wanted to test whether or not "Conversational" UI is a viable approach towards crafting your own insurance solution. After all, Insurance is one of the most personal things. We wanted to incorporate a bit of warmth in the language. As a low fidelity wireframe, this journey helped us test whether people will respond favourably to the approach.


Pivot on Approach: After a few rounds of discussion with the client - and considering time and budget constraints, we've realised that there was no development time catered for developing a full-fledged conversational UI interface. We then explored a storytelling approach - a birds eye view of a person's story. The birds eye view allowed us to explore different environments of a person - the different sports, work, and play environments that are integrated within one’s life.


Final Designs With it's own unique set of challenges, we've developed an easier approach using their still images from other brand assets. We wanted to create a visual device of a circle - filling up on each scroll, to signify a user's life journey.

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