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Corona Beer - Clock out

To promote Hounds of the Baskervilles, a traditional barbershop and tattoo studio in Singapore, we created a barberpole design we called “The Badass Barberpole”. Instead of the traditional red and blue stripes, the Badass Barberpole’s stripes are comprised of tattooed arms, conveying that the shop does both barbering and tattooing. Our ambient idea was based on a simple insight: barberpoles are always mounted on walls, and thus always stand out. We created an ambient poster designed to be rolled into a cylinder and stuck on walls, so that a barberpole could be easily deployed at any site.

The Challenge
Although the B747 was a much-loved and important aircraft for Singapore Airlines, talking about innovations made decades ago wasn’t going to bring Singapore Airlines any new customers. Even worse, it ran the risk of making the brand seem old-fashioned and content to rest on past glories.

The Insight
After going into Singapore Airlines’ archives and combing through nearly 40 years of newspaper articles, old photographs and 35mm slides – some of which hadn’t seen the light of day in decades – we realized something very important: practically every major inflight innovation that travellers enjoy today was pioneered aboard the 747! This aircraft was therefore a crucial aspect of Singapore Airlines’ continuing tradition of service and innovation.

The Execution
Although the site would comprise dozens of stories and videos, we knew it had to be a seamless narrative experience, so we crafted a clean, intuitive design that took inspiration from magazines and reader apps like Flipboard. We also managed to seamlessly link a vertically scrolling intro page with a horizontally scrolling content section, using countless hours of calculation and custom-built JQuery and Javascript codes.
The success of SIAjourneys led Singapore Airlines to extend it into a yearlong campaign – complete with a responsively designed Passport section with games that could be played on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Corona Clock Out is a concept app we've come up with for Corona's Let the World Wait campaign.

Using the creative platform of “Let the World Wait” - we wanted to actualize that promise into an actual execution. By allowing you to “let the world wait” by defying happy hours - extending it when you are ready to clock off work. By using geolocation and syncing with your social profile, users are able to “claim” their extensions of happy hour deals in bars near their area. It also provides tactical promotions and targetted event invites that people can bookmark so people can take their time, and enjoy their Coronas with no stress.